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The Peñín Guide has granted Izadi Crianza 5 Stars for its high quality-price ratio, and 90 points out of 100. Therefore, Izadi is included among the over-90-points wines with an appropriate price. According to the guide, Izadi Crianza shows “deep cheery color. Ripen fruit flavor, fruity expression, creamy oak smelling and smooth cacao. In the month it’s tasty, fruty,fresh, a little bit spicy with mature tannin  


Izadi Larrosa 2013, in its first vintage, has been listed as the best daily wines in the honor panel of the Guide Mi Vino - Vinum. With 91 points, Larrosa has become one of the best rosés of Spain with high value for money as the price PVP of this wine is fixed on 6 euros. 

Royal Family

Izadi El Regalo 2007 was the wine selected for the celebration banquet after the crwoning of Felipe VI as the new king in Spain. The offical ceremony took place in Royal Palace. More than 2.000 guests attended the celebration. 

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